NUORO, Friday, 7 July 🗓

Known as “the Athens of Sardinia “, Nuoro has always been the reference point for the island’s culture; it is the ancient custodian of some of the oldest food and wine traditions.

In Nuoro, the warm heart of Sardinia, it is easy to get in touch with the oldest and most venerable traditions of the island, as well as with the most modern, artistic avant-garde aspects.
This city jealously preserves the memory of the Nobel Prize winner Grazia Deledda.
It is, in fact, also home to some of the most important contemporary art museums in Sardinia. Many artists or writers have been born or have lived here, steeped in and inspired by the rich history of island culture.
Here in this area, you can still discover excellent traditional wines and high quality foods that you are free to enjoy at the dedicated events held in the streets of the city centre.